What Peace of the Lord Means to Me

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As I learn to walk alongside Jesus, I continue to ponder what “the peace of the Lord” really means. Just when I think I’ve got it, the vastness of “His Peace” deepens and further widens.

Defining “Peace of the Lord”

At its core, I find the peace of the Lord to be comfort in knowing He’s at my side. It’s waking up and seeking Him first in daily morning prayer. It’s seeing a brief glimpse of goodness in the world and looking up with a smile of gratitude. Or, reaching out to Jesus when the narrow path is difficult, knowing He’s there for me. And laying down at night, thanking Him for the gift that was today. All these brief moments of simply knowing and trusting that He’s there add up to experiencing the peace of the Lord.

How Others Explain What Peace of the Lord Is and Isn’t

I’ve read countless articles on this subject and have a very difficult time summing up a definition is a single sentence. But there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut how-to roadmap on receiving the peace of the Lord. The Bible gives us examples of how we cannot experience His peace along with instruction on how to obtain it.

When we worry, fail to trust and lose faith, we cannot have peace. When we give our heart to Jesus, repent of our sins and accept Him as our savior, we gain access to His peace. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are in possession of it. Although I’m comfortable with what peace of the Lord means for me, I can’t say it’s the definitive final say in the matter. I encourage you to read more and determine what peace of the Lord means for you as an individual.

Today’s prayer simply asks the Father to help us keep the presence of Jesus close so that we can feel His peace in our heart.

Daily Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day and thank you for the plans you have for me. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank for all that I have and all that I am. Today, I pray that you will open my eyes and ears to wonder of Jesus walking alongside me. Help me see and experience the presence of Jesus throughout this day so that I may feel your peace as I go through this day. I offer you this prayer with praise and worship in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Philippians 4:7 (ESV)

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


John 20:19

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