The Love of God and Our Love for God

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The Love of God is a 2-Way Street

There is nothing in the world that can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:31-39). In return, we are to love God with all our heart, mind and soul, forsaking all else. This is an explicit instruction found in both the old (Deuteronomy 6:5) and new (Matthew 12:30) testament of the Bible. The love of God is eternal, forever and unchanging. It transcends all else and needs to be at the forefront of our very being.

However, we cannot divide our love for God between Him and worldly things, circumstance or our fellow man. We must focus our love on Jesus, trusting that He will lead us through anything and everything we may face. While, at times, this can be extremely hard to do in practice, it is what the word of God instructs us to do.

God’s Love Shines Bright in Our Weakness

Throughout life, the trials we face may appear daunting and often unbearable. However, it is in these times that the love of God shines brightest (Psalm 18:28). The trials of life reveal our true weakness but remember; God does His most powerful work in our weakest times. It’s worthwhile knowing that our weaknesses are mere cracks in the armor that allow His light to shine through.

But, before God’s light can shine through the cracks of our weaknesses, we must place our trust in Jesus. When we trust in Jesus, we can hand over all weakness to Him fully and completely. Then, the love of God begins to enter through the cracks of our weaknesses. The importance of total trust is key. You see, even though His love never ends, a lack of trust turns us away from His love. When we do not put complete trust in Jesus, His love, (the light) cannot shine through the cracks (our weakness).

So, we know that the love of God is eternal, and His strength is greatest in our weakness. We also know He requires our total trust for Him to perform His greatest work in us. A bonus to these truths is the fact that where trust and love exist, anxiety, fear, and doubt cannot. The greatest story of the Bible depicting this truth is found in Matthew 14:28-30. Here, we see exactly what happens when trust waivers and we turn our focus away from Jesus.

God’s Light Shines Brightest on Those Who Trust

The pathway to our eternal resting place in heaven is well lit when we trust our guide, Jesus Christ. In fact, the more we trust, the brighter the light becomes. Psalm 119:105 tells us that His word is a lamp for our feet and light on our path. Proverbs 3:5 tells us that trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding.

This is easier said than done, but make no mistake, we are to trust in all circumstances, good or bad. So, how do we do this? Well, it starts with remembering that the love of God is all around us. More importantly, realizing that His love lives within us through Holy Spirit as well. This is what provides me with great comfort and assurance that God’s always there and His love never leaves us.

When we latch on to this comfort, we become empowered also. This empowerment helps us realize that when His light shines upon us, it can shine from within us as well. You see, trusting in His love for us, brightens the light upon us and the intensity within us as well.

Putting the Love of God to Work for the Good of God’s Kingdom

So, now we understand that trust in Jesus shines the light brightly upon us and from us, now what? Well, now we can become that city on a hill that Matthew 5:14 speaks of, one that cannot be hidden. This light that shines from us becomes a light for others, so that they too, can come to know the love of God.

When we replace worry, doubt and fear with trust in Jesus, we receive inner peace and joy. This is the fuel necessary for us to be thankful in all circumstance. What’s even greater, is that the love of God can flow through us while living within us. And this my friend is the secret to unlocking all that God has in store for you.

Living a thankful life with peace and joy in our heart, allows us to be a light for others. Being a light for others, allows God’s glory to shine through you, and brings them one step closer to Jesus. This, my friend, is what we’re called to do, regardless of our career calling or walk of life. The word of God makes it very clear that we’re to share the gospel of Jesus Christ (Psalm 96:3).

Practical Tips for Showing Others the Love of God

This final section of today’s article supplies readers with practical tips on how we can be the light. I’ve found that many articles I read tell us what and why without telling us how. Below are some examples of how we can show the love of God to others in day to day practice.

Offer Up a Kind Word

Look around as you go about your day. Chances are, you’ll see plenty of opportunities to simply offer a kind word to some who needs it. Sometimes, a simple kind word can lift someone up when they’re down.

Show Kindness Throughout Your Day

We often overlook how simple acts of kindness can change the perspective of others. An interesting byproduct to simple acts of kindness is that others see what you’re doing. This often leads to them showing kindness, and so on, and so on.

Volunteer to Help Those in Need

Nothing shows the love of God more than helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Matthew 25: 34-39 goes into detail on this. We can all do more for those in need and whenever the opportunity arises, should do exactly that.


The above tips do not even scratch the surface of the many ways we can show God’s love to others. However, it does provide a little insight that might fuel your own ideas on how you can be the light. I sincerely hope this article inspires you to show God’s love to others and trust in His love for you. I know that in writing this article, I realize how much more of a light I can be tomorrow than I currently am today.

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