Finding Success and Victory Through Faith in Jesus

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The Difference Between Success, Victory and Living a Victorious Life in Christ

Success is the accumulation of multiple failures and defeats that have all resulted in a lesson learned. However, success is incomplete and empty without total dependence upon Jesus. This often explains why many people live an empty life inside, while being perceived as successful on the outside. As a result, they’re unable to live a victorious life in Christ.

We often confuse the quest for success with being victorious on life’s journey along the narrow path. But success and victory are not the same things. Victory in a worldly sense means the conquer and reign supreme over your competition. In a spiritual sense, victory goes much deeper and is far more important as we travel down the narrow path we’re called to navigate. For us as Christians, a victorious life begins with and lives in Christ.

A Victorious Life Defined

A victorious life in Christ for us in this world ultimately requires complete faith and total dependence upon Him all the days we’re here. When we submit to Jesus, our total dependence on Him as our savior, we gain victory over the world in return. Living victoriously in Christ is living a life free from giving in to fear, doubt, worry, and temptations of the world that the enemy is continuously throwing our way. This victory doesn’t lessen failures and temporary defeat on the journey for success in our endeavors. But, it does, however, equip us to persevere and do what’s right despite what the world sends our way.

At its core, living a life of total faith in Christ is the best possible description of what a victorious life in Christ is. For some additional, excellent reads on living a victorious life in Christ, click here.

Doing the Right Thing Along the Narrow Path

Doing what’s right and dependence on the Lord go perfectly together, giving way to our asking of the Father to show us what He desires for us and not what we wish for Him to do for us. As a result, when pursuing God’s desires for us, success is guaranteed and victorious life in Christ becomes reality.

While it’s often difficult to discern what God desires for us, we have the gift of Holy Spirit living within us serving as our guide and prayer. This combination is all we really need to receive God’s direction to where He desires us to be. Finally, the word of God also provides excellent guidance that continually points us in the direction of:

• Love
• Service to Others
• A Helpful Spirit

All of which serve as ground rules that ultimately, help us choose the right direction to take.


The following plan identifies five keys necessary for living a successful and victorious life in Jesus:
• Faith in Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:7)
• Total dependence on Jesus (John 15:5)
• Doing what’s right in all that you do (Isaiah 1:17)
• Following the Father’s desire for your life (Proverbs 19:21)
• Stay the course no matter what comes your way (Galatians 6:9)
If we follow the formula above, it would be very difficult to do anything but succeed.

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