Unlocking the Mysteries Behind God’s Gift of Free Will

November 24, 2019 | 1 comment

The Gift of Free Will and the Price of Misusing It

One of the greatest gifts God gives each of us is the gift of free will.

The Word of God tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that we are a creation made in the image of God. Pondering this truth should leave all of us in complete awe. To think, God “chose” to create us in His image. The fact that we have free will proves the truth that God created us in His image. The free will that we all possess is a gift yes, but this gift indeed comes with a high price.

The fall of man is proof of the consequences of misusing the gift of free will. In Genesis 2:16-17, God give specific instruction to not eat from the tree of good and evil. But even after receiving God’s instruction, Adam and Eve chose to exercise their free will. The outcome; the fall of mankind. This was the first and by far, the worst decision man would ever make.

The Purpose Behind God’s Gift of Free Will

So why did God give us this “gift” of free will anyway? God is all knowing! So why give us something that He knows we’ll misuse? To answer this question, we need to first look at why God created man in the first place. However, to answer that question, the multitude of answers will surely leave your head spinning. My research leaves me with one answer that leaves me with any sense of satisfaction that I provide below.

1Thus, it’s reasonable to infer that God’s primary purpose in allowing the fall was to showcase his glory both in the original creation and in his powerful and merciful restoration of that creation from its rebellion and corruption.

With the above explanation in place, here’s my two cents; we’re here to praise and glorify God, plain and simple. However, free will is essential to achieving this purpose. You see, God wants us to praise and glorify Him willingly. Even though God is all powerful, creating robots is not what He desires. God wants us to glorify and praise Him out of the same love He has for us.

Using Free Will to Choose Salvation Over Sin

God’s heart is pure love. God desires love for Him to occupy our hearts as well. So, in addition to the gift of free will, God gives us an even greater gift; Jesus Christ. Before Jesus, we had only the law which we could never fulfill. Jesus died for our salvation and His resurrection takes away the sin left to us from the fall of man. We can now exercise our free will to make a better choice; the choice of salvation and eternal life.

When we choose salvation over sin, we freely choose to walk in the presence of Jesus. This free will choice paves the way to achieving God’s purpose to glorify and praise Him. Matthew 6:24, teaches us that man cannot serve two masters. Choosing Jesus, places us on a path that leads us to glorifying Him in all we do.

In the definition of God’s purpose behind the creation of mankind, choosing salvation addresses the restoration aspect. So how do we showcase God’ glory in the original creation of mankind?

Exercising Free Will to Give Thanks

That’s right, it’s about exercising our free will to show thanks to the creator. The ultimate form of praise to the Father is thankfulness. When we give thanks to God the windows of heaven open with blessings that shower down upon us. Giving thanks is the ultimate form of praise and glorification of God the Father.

The objective behind free will is to have a choice that we can make on our own accord. God wants us to freely come to him with thanks. God knows our heart and when the thanks we give Him comes from the heart we are fulfilling the first part of our purpose; glorifying God for all that is His creation.

Remember, God owns it all, 1 Corinthians 10:26. God is the creator of everything, including us. For this reason, we’ll never run short on things to thank him for. It’s also for this reason, that our free will gives us another opportunity to freely glorify God.

The Choices We Make Today

From the moment we wake with every day God gives us, we face choices. The choices we make decide the path we take. Deuteronomy 30:19-20 tells us that the choices we make can lead to life or death, blessings or curses. This passage emphasizes the importance of exercising free will wisely.

In retrospect, we can compare each of our choices to that of Adam and Eve in the garden. Each choice we make can leave us in the fallen world or elevate us to our rightful place at the right hand of Jesus. The magnitude of the choices we make determine the path we take. Today, we should call upon Holy Spirit in prayer asking to help us exercise our free will wisely.

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