God is Always There for Us

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Jesus Waits Patiently for Us to Look to Him

The Father is above all things; creator, king and ruler. Look to the Father through Christ Jesus in all the situations we face. As we do this, we need to understand that He is already there patiently waiting for to cry out to Jesus. Many times, in life, we face situations and wonder where God is during these times. Truth is, God is always there, and it’s only our lack of seeking Jesus first that prevents our seeing Him.

Trusting That God is Always There

Our job in life is to trust in Jesus. This trust includes that He is always there right by our side.  Isaiah 41:13 tells us that that He will hold our right hand. As we turn to Jesus for help, we must trust that His hand is reaching out for us to grab onto. For many, turning to Jesus is something done when facing difficult times. However, part of trusting that God is always there, is seeking His presence in all situations. This is what He desires most from us.

Seeking the Continual Presence of Jesus

When we return to His presence, the light that is Jesus shines upon us and our worries fade. As we seek Jesus, we find Him. He is always there, so it is our responsibility to look to Jesus. When we do this, we can trust that no matter what comes our way, His strength is there for us. Today, our prayer focuses on asking God to help us strengthen our trust and faith.

Daily Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for being there with me through all the situations that I face. Thank you for our savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me. Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that you will strengthen my faith and build my trust as I face the storms that this day may bring. I pray that Holy Spirit will rise within me when these situations happen and remind me to call out to Jesus for the strength that I may need. Father open my eyes to every opportunity to look to You for my strength, wisdom and courage to face the storms of today. I ask this in the name of Jesus. – Amen

Psalm 9:10

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.


Matthew 14:28-32

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