Daily Morning Prayer

Give Thanks to Start the Day Before Us

In all that we do, have and who we are, our first call is to give thanks to the Lord for it all. Without the Lord we……

What We Think, We Become

What we think, we become is an old saying indeed, but truer words were never written. Today’s Bible verse, Proverbs 23:7, speaks this truth loud and clear for us. However, many of us may not realize the importance of truly taking this instruction seriously. In today’s...

What Peace of the Lord Means to Me

Today’s morning prayer looks to God and asks that our eyes be opened to receiving the peace of the Lord and helping us understand its true meaning.

The Rewards of Time Spent with the Lord in Prayer

Spending time with the Lord in prayer is always time well spent. Today’s morning prayer asks the Father to help open our eyes and pray more.

God is Always There for Us

God is always there for us and today’s daily morning prayer focuses on looking to the Lord to help us better realize his presence in our life.

The Purpose

This site exists primarily to inspire others with a sincere hope that if anything I write moves someone in any way, closer to Jesus, then creating the site was well worth it. On a slightly lesser note, by creating a site based on personal writings created to help me live a life with Jesus at the center of my focus. In this way, I hope that it helps me walk the walk and not just talk the talk.   

The Inspiration

The inspiration for this website comes directly from the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. I read this book daily along with scripture and write my daily devotional based on what I have and what it means for me on that particular day.  Ultimately, I decided to share my writings on this website. I encourage you to get a copy of this book for yourself. Get your copy here

About Me


My name is Doug Lukas, a simple guy who works a regular job during the day, building websites at night and on the weekends. I love to write, learn, create and inform and try hard to be a better Christian every day. I’m not perfect and don’t profess to be, but when my journey is done, I hope to have left the world a bit better than when I came into it. I hope you find value in the writings of this website.

Spiritual Inspiration

Unlocking the Mysteries Behind God’s Gift of Free Will

The Gift of Free Will and the Price of Misusing It One of the greatest gifts God gives each of us is the gift of free will. The Word of God tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that we are a creation made in the image of God. Pondering this truth should leave all of us in...

The Love of God and Our Love for God

The Love of God is a 2-Way Street There is nothing in the world that can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:31-39). In return, we are to love God with all our heart, mind and soul, forsaking all else. This is an explicit instruction found in both the old...

Aligning Your Dreams and Plans with The Will of God

Exploring the importance of aligning our plans and dreams with the will of God with practical insight on why we should avoid taking doing it on our own.

Finding Success and Victory Through Faith in Jesus

A sure-fire formula for a living a successful and victorious life Jesus.

Trusting Jesus to Lead Us Toward God’s Plan for Us – Daily Devotionals – Week 51 – 2018

As we travel along the pathway of life, the journey is completely unknown, not easy to navigate, and continually full of twists, turns, highs and lows. One thing is certain though;